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Software-Defined Segmentation

Catbird is Software-Defined Segmentation and Security

Catbird is the industry’s first network-based Software-Defined Segmentation and Security (SDS) Solution. Catbird secures virtualized network components from within the virtual infrastructure. Just as virtualization abstracts computing away from physical hardware, SDS untethers security from expensive single-purpose security appliances. This decoupling of security from a particular vendor’s hardware device or APIs is at the root of SDS. Reconstituted as software only, virtualization security is adaptive and automated – and able to become part of the network itself.

Catbird pioneered software-defined segmentation and security, launching its first version in 2007. At the time, network security was not keeping pace with the evolution of the data center. Catbird architected a brand-new approach, designed to do security better. Since then, Catbird customers from a range of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, retail and consumer products have transformed how security operates in their virtualized and cloud-based data centers. Today, industry leaders, security analysts and the marketplace are heralding the era of SDS.

With Catbird, network security is no longer constrained by physical boundaries but is instead refashioned as a logical construct. Security is more accurate and more agile. It is complementary to the software-defined data centers where it lives. And, by avoiding special-purpose security appliances in favor of deploying only the security that you need, where and when you need it, it is less expensive.

Catbird’s innovative approach to network security is unique:

  • Catbird is 100% software-based. In contrast to traditional data centers with a dependency on physical network security appliances, Catbird’s solution is software-only. While designed to protect virtualized infrastructures, Catbird can also be extended to offer some protection to adjacent physical infrastructure as well.
  • Catbird changes the rules by bringing a complete view of security to the network, supporting the ability to immediately make centralized adjustments efficiently. For example, security administrators, detecting suspicious behavior on the network, can instantly limit its effect by halting traffic across the whole data center without having to access multiple routers or switches.
  • Catbird resets the ROI of security. Not only does it monitor and control threats, but it enables the acceleration of IT security to the velocity of virtualization and the cloud overall, enabling faster virtualization of even the most sensitive assets. Catbird eliminates the necessity to purchase expensive security hardware, requires less labor, reduces the cost of maintaining data center compliance and increases the odds of a positive audit. 
  • Catbird takes advantage of hypervisor management APIs to enable monitoring, auditing and enforcement of virtual and cloud network configurations.