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Catbird Secure

Enforce, Monitor, Comply

Catbird Secure enables automated enforcement of flexible security policies across Catbird TrustZones. The platform detects and alerts on potential security incidents, initiates corrective enforcement actions and provides instant compliance reporting for major standards and mandates. 

Download the Data Sheet - Apply Run-time Security for Dynamic Workloads

Deploying Catbird Secure provides you with the following instant benefits:

  • Tiered Security Policies: You can define the appropriate multi-functional security policy for each Catbird TrustZone. Each policy steers technical controls such as a firewall rule-set, Network Access Control (NAC), Intrusion Detection and Protection (IDS/IPS), NetFlow and vulnerability/configuration monitoring, and can execute numerous other security tasks via hypervisor interfaces.
  • Default Configurations: You are in control. Worried that a new VM might sneak in and bypass your security policy? Don’t … you can define rules to assign security policies based on asset metadata so it automatically gets the right security policy. Any asset not assigned to a Catbird TrustZone is covered by a default security policy you define.
  • Flexible Alerting: You can select and define alerts allowing early detection of potential security incidents. A high-risk IDS alert triggered? A new asset was discovered? You’ll know about it right away. And through a simple configuration you can point these alerts to your SIEM or ticketing system for further follow-up.
  • Compliance Reporting: You will be prepared with the required information when the next audit comes along. With a simple click of a button, various compliance reports (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, FISMA) are generated allowing you to demonstrate which controls you have in place and prove they are being enforced.


software-defined security


software-defined security