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Integration with VCE

Integration with VCE Vblock

VCE builds and assembles Vblock™ converged infrastructure systems using EMC storage, Cisco servers and networking, and VMware virtualization technology. Catbird Insight and Catbird Secure form the perfect complement to VCE’s Vblock VMware environment, visualizing and analyzing network traffic within the virtual fabric, and enforcing network security and compliance policies. Catbird transforms dynamic, self-scaling environments into compliance-aware and precisely controlled systems through policy-based security and continuous monitoring and measurement of standards like PCI.

Catbird complements Vblock systems by:

  • Providing a perfect inventory of all VMs within the Vblock systems.
  • Visualizing network traffic between the logical segments you define through Catbird TrustZones.
  • Lowering operational costs with one-click deployment of a wide variety of technical controls pre-bundled and preconfigured.
  • Providing preconfigured compliance frameworks mapped to specific rules as published by regulatory organizations (e.g. PCI DSS 2.0 and 3.0, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX).
  • Providing an audit trail and evidence of control, as well as automating compliance reporting, greatly reducing time, effort, and cost during an audit.