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Security and Compliance for Healthcare

Automating data protection, compliance assurance, and audit processes in private clouds

Information Technology is a key enabler for the Healthcare industry. The flexibility and agility demands of the sector are well matched with the transformational capabilities of virtualization and cloud computing, but bring their own special demands on security and privacy. These demands have resulted in strong regulation and government imposed industry standards that create a significant challenge for the industry.

As healthcare providers continue to exploit the economic and efficiency benefits of virtualization and cloud computing, they are also subject to increasing compliance requirements. Catbird provides a unique solution that addresses the core security and compliance requirements of the sector, the result of long term collaboration with healthcare businesses and professionals.

“HIPAA compliance is a requirement. By choosing Catbird, we’re keeping money in the company – avoiding fines and bad press.” Matthew Barrett, Jefferson Radiology

Healthcare: The Challenges

The sector faces a number of core challenges. These include:

  • Evolving security and compliance standards
  • Fragmented and heterogeneous application requirements
  • Cost and resource pressures

Read about Jefferson Radiology's experience in the article Radiology Group Uses Virtual Trust Zones for HIPAA Compliance and refer to our Solution Brief for Healthcare Providers and Payers to learn more about the benefits of Catbird.

How Catbird Benefits Healthcare IT

Catbird is a unique solution engineered to automate seamless, comprehensive security and compliance for organizations with sensitive data in virtual environments. Catbird's benefits: 


  • Support for Key Standards Catbird provides comprehensive support for the key relevant compliance standards including The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), PCI Data Security Standard, and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), addressing the key security controls relating to virtualization. Catbird enables Healthcare payers and providers to reduce costs by taking advantage of cloud infrastructure while safeguarding security and compliance concerns.
  • Inventory and Asset Management Catbird includes powerful tools to provide automated inventory and asset management, helping healthcare organizations to gain an integrated view of their application environments.
  • Automation and Orchestration Automation and orchestration further enable Healthcare operations to provide consistency and repeatability. Event capture and data logging coupled with sophisticated reporting provide traceability to enforce accountability and support of audit activities.
  • Segmentation of Environment Catbird enables easy segmentation of environments; a virtual environment with its logical zoning containers called Catbird TrustZones®. By dragging and dropping virtual assets into TrustZones, the assets automatically inherit security policies set for the containers (similar to how Microsoft Active Directory assigns policies to its objects).
  • Automatically Maps and Manages All Virtual Assets With TrustZones, Catbird provides precise visibility and management of all virtual networks, network devices and system components. It includes a perfect inventory of all assets as they are turned on or off in the dynamic virtual environment – including mapping capability that diagrams all data flows across systems and networks.
  • Automatically Enforces and Documents HIPAA Policies Security policies are automatically assigned by Catbird to all virtual assets placed in TrustZones, which enables the solution to automatically and deterministically enforce those policies to protect data wherever it may be processed, stored or transmitted in the environment.

Learn More About Catbird and Compliance Requirements

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