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Visualization into East-West Traffic

You can’t Secure what you can’t See

Security begins with knowing what’s running in your data center. In the physical world it is a real burden to get a complete inventory of all information assets in an organization but the rate of change is slow. With virtualization every Virtual Machine is created through interaction with the hypervisor or cloud management platform. Fortunately, although the rate of change is higher, information can be gathered dynamically in order to build and maintain an exact inventory of your virtual assets.

Beyond maintaining a complete inventory of virtual assets, it is also important to understand how these assets interact with each other. Observing traffic patterns between every individual Virtual Machine and all other assets in your virtual fabric would be cumbersome and probably not that meaningful. But what if you could group virtual assets into logical zones – based on applications or users – and be able to monitor all of the network traffic going to and from each zone in real-time?

Add to that the capability to look at traffic within the context of the security controls in place, and you would have unparalleled visibility into your applications and users. Such visibility would provide insight into whether or not security policies such as traffic rules are actually working as intended, and as such allow you to determine how well your assets are being protected by the security controls.

Traditional perimeter security controls deployed outside of the virtual infrastructure cannot provide you with an inventory of your virtual assets, do not allow you to group assets, cannot see east-west traffic flows, and cannot visualize what is going on within your virtual fabric. A different approach is required. An approach based on software-defined segmentation deployed within the virtual infrastructure. 

Catbird Insight – Asset Discovery and Network Visualization

Catbird Insight automatically and continuously discovers all assets in your virtual fabric, allows the grouping of these assets into logical Catbird TrustZones and visualizes asset relationships and the east-west traffic flows between them for improved analytics.

As the only solution on the market to provide this level of visibility, Catbird provides a view of your network traffic based on the attributes of your applications rather than IP addresses and underlying network topology. This enables you to analyze the impact and connectivity requirements of your applications based on real-time network flows, shortening the window to discovery and resolution of threats or misconfigurations.